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Need a Business Idea? Here are 15

Home based business has been a truly popular and efficient way of earning, for a lot of people, and this is usually due to being able to work in the comforts of their home. And fortunately, there are a lot of business ideas out there which you can utilize to start a small business.

You can make use of your mathematical ability by being an accountant or a consultant And if you are more manual skilled , you can start and promote your bicycle repair services, cleaning services, computer repairs, electronic repairs and a lot more that involves your manual skills, You can also be an organizer or an event planner. If you are artistic, you can be a graphic designer or an interior designer.

Sky’s the limit. You just have to know what your abilities are and what you are good at. From being a photographer to conducting music lessons, to being an website developer, to being a massage therapist, to pet sitting, the options are unending.

1. ACCOUNTANT: Experience, training or licensing may be needed


3. BOAT CLEANING: Experience, training or licensing may be needed

4. BUSINESS PLAN SERVICE: Has expansion possibilities



7. COMPUTER REPAIR: Experience, training or licensing may be needed

8. CONSULTANT: Has expansion possibilities

9. DOG WALKING: Experience, training, or licensing may be needed


11. EVENT PLANNING: Has expansion possibilities

12. FINANCIAL PLANNER: Experience, training or licensing may be needed

13. HOME ENERGY AUDITOR: Experience, training or licensing may be needed

14. HOME INSPECTION: Experience, training or licensing may be needed

15. HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZER: Has expansion possibilities



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